What’s Your Problem – feat. Leland Sklar & Pedro Segundo

“What’s Your Problem”
Featuring Leland Sklar and Pedro Segundo
August 14, 2020

Has it really been 6 months ?!!😱
God I’ve missed these two and thought you’d like to see us “distance” rehearsing for the studio. It was a total relief and kick ass joy playing “What’s Your Problem” with Leland & Pedro. (You heard it first on FFS!)
Acapella’s fun, but nothing beats being in a room together J💕🙏

Words and Music by Judith Owen

I was shopping
In the new age of shopping
Mask and visor
And a spray for good measure
I was doing fine
Til I heard a scream across the store

Child and mother
They were shouting together
Hell for leather
Like we didn’t matter
And what’s more
They pushed up
To the front
And stood

Right on my shoulder
As I waited to pay
And I started to smolder
When she looked at me as if to say